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I can not find a coule. What should I do?
Be more consent and everything will be fine. We are improving our algorithms and going to help you soon.
I can not find my chat. What’s going on?
We are sorry, but your partner removed your chat. Do not upset, you’ll easily find a new one.
How can I delete user from my sympathies?
Go to profile, choose ••• button and tap Delete (or swipe left). Be careful, this action is irrevocable!
Why you sign up only with Fb, Ok or Vk account?
It helps us to sift a strange people. Social network account nowadays is something like a passport. Freaks are afraid of it and avoid Privet.
How to chat?
In Privet you can chat only in case of mutual attraction. Tap “Like” to interesting people and wait. If sympathy is reciprocity — cheers, go to chat!
How location detection works?
Privet is able to detect users location. App makes it smart — nobody can find you if you don’t want to. But you easily can date (if you want).
Privet is a free app?
Yes, sure. You can find and date for free. Also we have a few paid functions for an inpatient ones.
I have a problem with an app. What should I do?
Please, contact with us: hello@privetapp.ru — we’ll help you.